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 Post subject: Re: MOC - Management Of Change
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:42 am 

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12badruzmy wrote:
wakdam wrote:
I'm with Head Hunter and Reza point of view in interpretating MOC.

How to apply MOC in OHS procedure? You need to establish own documents how to apply MOC in your organization. Normally specific checklist to be establish to demonstrate MOC has been done when required..

But how to establish MOC checklist in very large scope of change? This is the tricky part..

Dear Sifu Adam,
Klau soalannya How to add in MOC into OHS procedure/ lebih mudah untuk dijawab berbanding How to apply MOC in OHS procedure? bagi saya macam ada sedikit it?

En. Adam, just nak mengimbas kembali apa yang telah diajarkan kepada kami, MOC tu nampak besar tapi ianya adalah element dari hazard identification. Walaupun begitu ianya juga salah satu req. yang ditekankan dalam OHSAS 18001:2007 sapertimana petikan dibawah:

In addition, reference to Management of Change was also included in section 4.4.6:
The organization shall determine those operations and activities that are associated with the identified hazard(s) where the implementation of controls is necessary to manage the OH&S risk(s). This shall include the management of change (see 4.3.1).
Rujuk: ... of-change/

Pada pendapat saya, sebagai perumpamaan, "Nurul" bukan bertanya apa itu GAJAH tapi bagaimana nak menggunakan GAJAH.

Sila ajar semula sekiranya terdapat kesilapan.

 Post subject: Re: MOC - Management Of Change
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:03 pm 

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Self explainatory, if we read it carefully.

Soalan 1:
12badruzmy wrote:
...apa itu GAJAH...
Jawapan 1:
spatula wrote:
MOC is system for managing changes and communicate these changes to affected personnel effectively

Soalan 2:
12badruzmy wrote:
...bagaimana nak menggunakan GAJAH...
Jawapan 2:
wakdam wrote:
..You need to establish own documents how to apply MOC in your organization..
rezahuzainie wrote:
Just some basic structure to be considered (which I believe apply to either "procedural" changes or "engineering" changes):

1. Proposed change (kire macam problem solving la kot)
- Kebiasaannye idea "to change" nih datang dari (outcome of) procedure review, audit, lesson-learnt, suggestion, inspections, risk assessment, HAZID engineering review, etc.
- Kalu bole try establish satu form utk alteration control or wateva you wanna call it for record purpose.

2. Does the change have a potential impact on HSE? (since we are talking from HSE perspective)
- If Yes – refer kat Item 3
- If No – terus refer kat Item 4 (skip item 3)

3. Assess the change
- Apply HEMP or HIRARC or anything to do with risk assessment i.e. according to your organisation’s defined protocol. Samada nak pakai qualitative or quantitative tu based on the criticality of the change. (Tengok Note A).
- Kalau risk evaluated tu within ALARP, proceed with the change. Kalau tak, consider any other alternative (propose with other changes – pergi balik Item 1).
- Identify control/recovery measure macam biasa.

4. Implement the change
- Design the change i.e. based kat Item 1 (kire macam detailed solution utk solve problem regardless it is a procedural change or equipment change)
- Plan the implementation of change (how to ... who will... etc).
- Document the change (Tengok Note B & Note C)
- Communicate and train personnel who are affected by the change. (Refer Note D).

5. Monitor the change
- Monitor the execution dan ongoing operation of the change utk ensure yg change tu implemented as intended dan yg penting takde further HSE issues arise.
- Kalau ada issue, go back to Item 3 and so fourth.
- For some organisation, they do have Post MOC Audit.

Note A:
Kebiasaannye: higher the risk – more quantitative it would be, secara general jek. In hydrocarbon business for example, HAZOP is required if the change dealing with engineering design such as reservoir or geological/geophysical changes, well design/construction changes, ataupun any major changes to operational processes kat offshore tu. Or, we may conduct FEA or QRA if let say we want to change the type of firewall or bulkhead or anything to do with fire and explosive protection (passive/active) kat mana2 offshore facilities.

In the other hand, we may just proceed with the qualitative thingy i.e. BowTie or HIRARC or any other HEMP tools if the risk of change is low/medium such as personal changes (new personnel/transferred/promoted), any changes to the HSEMS elements, etc. Tapi perlu diingat, definition of Low/Medium/High risk tu depend kat masing2 punye organisation.

Note B:
Any changes in document (procedural changes) kena follow your own QA procedure (Document Control Procedure) – ISO 9001.

Note C:
Any engineering changes (structural/electrical/instrumentation/mechanical/etc) must be recorded on the specification diagram/drawing. Bende nih sangat penting, especially bila nak refurbish or convert or revamp facility tu esok lusa. Bukan apa, skang nih banyak tanker nak transform jadik FSO la...FPSO nak tambah drilling capability jadik FPDSO la...macam2 lagik le...macam Ford Mustang tukar jadik Decepticon atau Chevy Camaro tukar jadik Autobot dlm cerita Transformer tu.

Note D:
Utk changes yg memerlukan training, bende nih kena kowtim dgn HR or Training & Development punye Team. Kena masukkan dalam training plan etc. Utk minor changes (especially procedural changes), boleh just pakai HSE Alert or HSE Bulletin or whateva as long as boleh communicate kat relevant parties..

Just Care,

Image Image Image

 Post subject: Re: MOC - Management Of Change
PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:32 am 

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Bad, its okay to discuss here. We just sharing our thought and opinion right

If we talked about managemet system perspectives (OHSAS 18001) we need to be clear whether MOC is part of HIRARC or HIRARC is part of MOC. Garisan pemisahnya agak samar kalau concept of MOC tak clear. I try to explain by example...

Give few scenario

1. New chemical which may creating new risk to be introduce and use at particular machine.

How to justify the risk is adequately addressed?
a. obtain MSDS and evaluate degree of risk and appropriate control measure before new chemical being use.

b. put in place appropriate control measure such as engineering control, admin and PPE

c. reviewing existing risk assessment of particular machinery or process and capture new risk and control into it.

a,b and c is MOC process so that we can adequately addressing all issues related to MOC. How to capture is from checklist that we develop..... item

2. In Spatula case, the procedure has been establish to manage changes on specific guideline including personal staffing..and i believe the documents also contain specific separate document to be use to demonstrate MOC process has been performed . Am i right spatula?

3. Purchase additional XL (gajah) size of equipments/machineries (same model and spec) due to surge high demand of products.
Kalau nak ikutkan tak yah buat HIRARC lagi because same equipments already being evaluated before. But how about layout, access and egress, new machinist/operator? All these factors yang akan increase or decrease degree of if we have MOC process, we can systematically addressed HSE impact from the changes

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