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 Post subject: Safety & Health or Hygiene Technician Association
PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 5:12 pm 

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Is there any association for HT? MIHA mahal sgt la..

How to register as MASHO members? Heard about them, browse kat internet but tak jumpa official site..

Kalo ada yang tau, share2 la yer..thanks..

 Post subject: Re: Safety & Health or Hygiene Technician Association
PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 4:47 pm 

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Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera (1 MALAYSIAN)

Buat pengetahuan semua, NRG-SHE Association (Persatuan Pengamal Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan Wilayah Utara, Reg. No. : 1874-09-PPG) telah selamat didaftarkan sebagai Pertubuhan yang sah pada 01 September 2009.

NRG-SHE Visi / Vision
"Menjadi Persatuan Pengamal Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan (KKP) yang unggul; lagi dihormati di Malaysia"
"To become an established and respected Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) association in Malaysia"

NRG-SHE Misi / Missions
1. Menyatupadukan para Pengamal KKP di bawah satu platform berteraskan konsep perkongsian pintar.
To gather all the OSH Practitioners under one platform through smart partnership.
2. Mengembleng tenaga dan buah fikiran di kalangan Pengamal KKP untuk pembangunan ilmu & sahsiah dalam menghadapi cabaran di dalam alam pekerjaan.
To consolidate the ideas & efforts among the OSH Practitioners in advancing their knowledge and attributes in the challenging working environments.
3. Meningkatkan kualiti, kapasiti & kemampuan berkaitan Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan (KKP) di kalangan Pengamal KKP secara berterusan.
To continually increase the quality, capacity & capability of OSH among the Practitioners.
4. Membantu kerajaan & masyarakat di dalam mempromosikan Budaya Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan (KKP).
To support the government and the public in promoting/inculcating Occupational Safeth & health (OSH) Culture.

So, How NRG-SHE can help U?
• Provide support, encouragement, advice and assistance
• Provide and or support forums for the acquisition and interchange of professional knowledge amongst members
• Foster liaison between government, businesses and the OSH industry
• Inaugurate and implement other programs that are consistent with the purpose of the association and the government policy / initiative
Membership Benefits (Fee : RM80.00) = Registration RM50 & Yearly : RM30
• Membership Card with Group Personal Insurance
• Access to the Members Only area of the mailing list (or in future is our website lah. You’ll have access to a wide variety of safety related data that will assist you in research, development of training programs, budget preparation, and other duties. New materials and data are added to this area regularly)
• Free listing in the NRG-SHE Consultant’s Registry - list your name, address, and areas of specialization and when NRG-SHE asked, they will recommend the closest member with the requested specialization
• (For our future: The NRG-SHE News Publication, “The SHE Magazine” which is designed to provide an accurate and concise appraisal of current safety issues in a quick, concise, and ready to use format for the busy safety Director / Manager.)
• Resume reference: Any member may list the NRG-SHE as a professional reference on resumes and applications. (If desire this service please submit a resume to the NRG-SHE. Staff will then verify the resume and provide third party validation of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience of the member when called upon by a potential employer).
• The opportunity to be a part of the a progressive Malaysian Safety Association.
• Opportunity to attend NRG-SHE Conferences with 20% discount (max.)
• Access to quality independent study courses which have been reviewed and commented by the NRG-SHE.
• Access to quality and affordable comprehensive training, planning, and assessment materials / aids that have been reviewed by the NRG-SHE.
• Access to the Job Vacancy in the mailing list to assist members seeking employment opportunities.
• An opportunity for like minded safety professionals to gain a powerful voice, by weight of numbers, in the promulgation of safety regulations, and in developing new and innovative methods of ensuring workplace safety.
• Opportunity for discounts on safety products offered by vendors to NRG-SHE Members.
• Information available in a quick, concise and ready to use format for the busy SHO / SHE Professionals / Safety Director / Manager.
• Free Car / Motorcycle Sticker
Untuk makluman Semua; terdapat 3 jenis Keahlian NRG-SHE seperti yang dicatit di dalam Perlembagaan Persatuan. Keahlian tersebut ialah seperti berikut :

Terdapat 3 jenis Keahlian :

(a) Ahli Biasa - Orang kompeten yang diktiraf oleh Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan Malaysia (JKKP). Ahli Biasa mempunyai kelayakan untuk mengundi pada Mesyuarat Agung.

(b) Ahli Bersekutu - Seseorang yang dilantik oleh majikan bagi menjalankan urusan yang berkaitan keselamatan dan kesihatan pekerjaan ditempat kerja. Tidak diiktiraf sebagai orang kompeten oleh Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan Malaysia (JKKP). Ahli Bersekutu tidak mempunyai kelayakan untuk mengundi pada Mesyuarat Agung.

(c) Ahli Kehormat - Seseorang yang difikirkan layak oleh Ahli Jawatankuasa berdasarkan kelayakan akademiknya. Ahli Kehormat tidak mempunyai kelayakan untuk mengundi pada Mesyuarat Agung.

Sekiranya tuan-tuan / puan-puan tidak mempunyai Nombor Pendaftaran dengan JKKP, tuan-tuan boleh memilih untuk menjadi ahli bersekutu (rujuk Borang Keahlian yang disertakan). Ahli bersekutu turut mendapat segala benefit yang diperolehi oleh ahli biasa, cuma tidak mempunyai kelayakan untuk mengundi pada Mesyuarat Agung sahaja.

Oleh itu, “NRG-MASHO Mailing List” akan ditukar kepada “NRG-SHE Mailing List” dan hanya Ekslusif untuk “Ahli-Ahli yang Berdaftar SAHAJA”. Ini akan memastikan penggunaan “Mailing List” ini akan lebih teratur dan kemas. Dan segala biodata ahli akan dikemaskinikan untuk memastikan “NRG-SHE Mailing List” lebih nampak Professional & Mantap.

Sesiapa yang berminat untuk menjadi ahli, sila isi borang keahlian yg dikepilkan bersama email ini. Scan Borang yg telah diisi kepada = & berserta “Slip Bayaran” (SILA LIHAT LAMPIRAN)

NOTA : Sila Kosongkan Bahagian “SOKONGAN” di dalam “BORANG KEAHLIAN”

Sebagai rekod Pendaftaran, pihak anda hendaklah mengepilkan bersama “Salinan K/P & Salinan Sijil sebagai OYK dengan JKKP MALAYSIA”

Segala Pembayaran boleh di buat ke :
No. Akaun : 07016010061061

Any concerns regarding NRG-SHE; can contact PIC Below :
En. Anuar : 019-443 8339 (
En. Aladdin : 019-417 9673 (

Wassalam, thanks & Best regards,

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