Monday, 15 July 2024



chairmanWe are at the crossroads of IR4.0 whereby the technology involved in the daily operation of the activities is very dynamic, complex and very demanding. Volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity characterise today’s environment, creating new challenges and demands for corporate managers and directors. However, the underlying role of the board remains unchanged; it must remain focused on its long-term vision for the company.

This complexity in daily management of the corporate sector must take into account of the human factor involved in the operations. Their safety and health is of utmost important since this factor is the prime mover of the whole company.

In Malaysia, this issue has been duly addressed through legislative and regulatory measures which provide comprehensive guidelines and the directions for the directors and managers of the corporate sector. Occupational Safety and Health Act (1994) and the Factory and Machineries Act (FMA) are the core of legislative requirements to be complied by the corporate sector which is administered by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health under the Ministry of Human Resources. In addition to this Department, the government realized the importance of a training institute to enhance the effectiveness of OSHA implementation at the workplace. To fulfil this need NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) was formed on 24th  June 1992  as a company limited by guarantee under the Malaysian Companies ACT 1965.

The primary role of NIOSH is to promote a safe and healthy workplace and workforce in Malaysia. In addition, NIOSH is committed to assist employers and employees to manage OSH in their organisation effectively and it is dedicated to provide Quality Solutions related to OSH issues with a pragmatic approach which are reasonable and practicable. NIOSH is also vested with the responsibility to conduct Evaluation exercises to ascertain the quality of the persons undergone training at NIOSH and this service is recognized by the industries internationally.

All the above information is presented in a structured manner to enable easy reference to the corporate managers.

Training is an investment and certain to pay back in the form of increased productivity in conjunction with a safe and healthy  workplace environment. I trust the corporate sector will take serious view of the efforts undertaken by the government and adhere to the legal requirements as stipulated under OSHA and FMA.