Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Corporate Values

In line with NIOSH objective and core business, the activities conducted can be recognized as follows:

icon Commitment

All NIOSH staff members must illustrate their commitment at the maximum level.

icon Transparency

Work-related procedures and systems must be transparent to eliminate vested interest.

icon Teamwork

All staff members must display high commitment by ensuring the objective of teamwork is achieved.

icon Honesty

Interaction must be free from falsehood, prelence and deceit.

icon Professional

NIOSH expects loyalty and honesty from its staff and service provides from the aspects of moral principles.

icon Quality

All products and services associated with NIOSH must be of the highest quality.

icon Technical

All NIOSH staff members must illustrate comprehensive technical knowledge.

ic CV 08

All staff members must display excellent leadership qualities / levels.

ic CV 09

All staff members must constantly practise effective communication.

ic CV 10

NIOSH promotes continuos human resource development to improve personal capability.