Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Safety and Health Policy

NIOSH is committed to ensuring a safe and healty work environment conserve for all employees and those involved or affected by its operations and conserve the environment based on relevant legislations and standards. To ensure the success of the policy:

  • aspect of occupational safety and health and environmental protection will be given equal emphasis with other policies.
  • the resources, training and time will be allocated in accordance with the requirements of ensuring a safe and and environmentally friendly work system.
  • foster a safe and healthy work culture and preserving the environment among employers and employee.
  • the objectives of occupational safety and health and the environment will be reviewed and reassessed regularly.
  • the effectiveness of the governance of occupational safety and health and environment management system will be monitored.

The effectiveness of the management system of occupational safety, health and environment is the responsibility of NIOSH staff in ensuring a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work environment.