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14th - 16th October 2019 | "Industrial Transformations : OSH Engagement for future skills and works"

About BOSH

Spirit of BOSH

BOSH is a biennial event that is organised by NIOSH Malaysia in its aim to discuss the current issues and challenges in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). It has served as the premiere platform for OSH professionals in Malaysia to share and update their OSH knowledge and skills to meet the dynamic changes in Malaysian working environment particularly in Borneo.

BOSH brings together regulators, practitioners, experts, researchers and suppliers towards a common aspiration which is to achieve a safer and healthier workplace for all.

This conference will address current and likely future concerns or development in the field of OSH relevant to the workers and the industries. It is our objective to get every organisation/ corporation/ company to be part of the event as it will be the catalyst to the development and promotion of OSH in Malaysia.

Hence, we would like to invite your esteemed organization to be part of this event by joining the conference. We strongly believe that your company’s commitment to safety and health will bring huge benefits to the company’s productivity and image as well as to facilitate OSH promotion in Malaysia.

 “Industry Transformations : OSH Engagement for future skills and works”


BOSH 2019 Theme

“Industry Transformations : OSH Engagement for future skills and works”

Malaysia in the midst of a significant transformation in which leads to digitization. This transition is so compelling where it called “industry 4.0”. In the era of digitization, it can be address most of the issues which concerning business, environment, health and safety in the workforce. 

To translate OSH knowledge into practice and establish it as the workplace culture required a great amount of efforts and patience as the implementation may take years or decades to eventually materialized.

Starting from last year, NIOSH has introduced a special initiative for future workers who are pursuing their Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).  The initiative are in the education and training which known as “Safety and Health Officer for Institution of Higher Learning” The programme will help most of the TVET students to obtain professional competency certificate while pursuing their studies in IPT.

The new initiative can help increase the number of workers with skills in occupational safety and health (OSH). It will also benefit employers as young workers are equipped with OSH knowledges and to be a competent person in OSH field. It is a part of NIOSH’s effort to empower future workers as well as helping the government / private sector to reduce workplace accidents.  

Therefore, fostering an OSH culture should be incorporated in every company’s strategy in providing better safety and health practices in the workplace. Health and safety legislations, guidelines, workplace policies or programmes definitely provide a mere basis for a workplace’s safety and health as the ultimate gold is to transform these rules and instructions into self-regulations culture

To raise the issue of how to integrate OSH as part of our cultures, BOSH 2019 will be the main platform that will lead successful companies to share their experience, expertise and new information in their respective fields and use them as our guidelines in managing OSH in the workplace.


Theme: “INDUSTRY TRANSFORMATION : OSH Engagement for future skills and works”

Date: 15 -16 October 2019 

Venue: Imperial Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak

Officiated by: Honourable Yang Berhormat Tuan M. Kulasegaran

Organised by: NIOSH, Supported by: DOSH




To be the Leading Centre of Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health in Malaysia


To be the preferred partner in enhancing Occupational Safety and Health in Malaysia


Fee & Registration


  • Download Brochure BOSH 2019 here. btn download1


  • Fee : MYR 901 (MYR850 + MYR51(SST 6%))
  • BOSH 2019 registration Online is now opened.   bosh register1

Contact Us

Contact Us

Any inquiries please contact:

BOSH Secretariat

Sarawak Regional Office (Kuching)
Wisma Hamizan, Ground Floor,
Lot 851 Sublot 16,Seksyen 65,
KTLD Off Jalan Astana Petra Jaya,
93050 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel : 082-536801/ 082-536803 Faks : 082-536802


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DAY 1 : 15 OCTOBER 2019





0800 – 0900


Pendaftaran Peserta (Walk-in, peserta lewat)  


0900 - 0930


Health (fitness element) – Training Health Promotion

Siti Nuraini / OHD

0930 – 1000


Rehat (Sarapan Pagi)


1000 – 1200


Majlis Perasmian


1200 - 1400


Makan Tengahari


1400 – 1445


Topik 1 (JKKP)


1445 - 1530


Topik 2 (PERKESO)


1530 - 1615


Topik 3 (NIOSH)




Rehat dan selesai Hari Kedua



Day 2: 16 October 2019?

DAY 2 : 16 OCTOBER 2019




0830 - 0900


Minum pagi

0900 - 0930


Concurrent 1 (TBA)

Concurrent 2 (TBA)

0930 - 1000


Concurrent 3 (TBA)

Concurrent 4 (TBA)

1000 – 1030



1030 - 1100


Concurrent 5 (TBA)

Concurrent 6 (TBA)

1100 - 1130


Concurrent 7 (TBA)

Concurrent 8 (TBA)

1130 - 1200


Concurrent 9 (TBA)

Concurrent 10 (TBA)

1200 – 1400


Makan Tengahari

1400 - 1600


Majlis Perasmian Penutupan BOSH 2019

1630 - 1730


Majlis Selesai / Rehat / Penyerahan Sijil dan bersurai


Opening Ceremony

 15 October 2019, Tuesday

 Masa / Time

Day 2, Opening Ceremony

0800– 0900

Continuos Refreshment


Arrival Of VIP and Invited Guests


Arrival Of NIOSH Chairman


Arrival Of Minister of Human Resource (Yang Berhormat Tuan M Kulasegaran)


National Anthem / Doa Recital

1015- 1030

Welcoming Speech by NIOSH Chairman

1030 - 1100

Launching Speech by Yang Berhormat Tuan M KulasegaranMinister of Human Resource


Launching gimmick of 6th BOSH 2019


Visitation to the exhibition area / Press Conference



Closing Ceremony

 16 Oktober 2019, Wednesday

Masa / Time

Day 3, Closing Ceremony


Arrival Of VIP and Invited Guests


Arrival Of NIOSH Chairman

1605 - 1620

Closing Speech by NIOSH Chairman

1620 - 1630

Closing Ceremony - Multimedia Presentation

1630 - 1645

Press Conference


Afternoon Break & End BOSH 2019






Borneo Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH 2020)


Date: 26th - 27st October 2020 

Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Theme: "Global Sustainability: Strengthening OSH For All"

Conference Fee: RM 901 (SST 6% inclusive)

Target/ Focus: Plantation, Tourism, Oil & Gas, Construction & Health

*For any inquiries, please contact:
088-264 252 (NIOSH Kota Kinabalu)
087-423 254 (NIOSH WP Labuan)
089-663 761 (NIOSH Sandakan)
089-756 302 (NIOSH Tawau)

(Open registration 2020 is already open)
  bosh register1


Seperti yang telah sedia maklum dengan arahan kerajaan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan, mulai 18 Mac 2020 hingga 9 Jun 2020, di seluruh negara.

Atas sebab itu, NIOSH akan menangguhkan kesemua latihan yang telah dijadualkan pada 18 Mac 2020 hingga 9 Jun 2020. Kesemua peserta kursus yang telah mendaftar akan dihubungi oleh pihak kordinator bagi menyusun semula penjadualan kursus.

Peserta kursus, majikan dan mana-mana organisasi yang ingin mendapatkan maklumat lanjut boleh terus menggunakan saluran-saluran di bawah untuk kemudahan anda.



Online Inquiry

Talian WhatsApp:

Ibu Pejabat:

  1. Jabatan Latihan dan Pendidikan
  2. Jabatan Perundingan dan R&D
  3. Bahagian Peperiksaan dan Persijilan
  4. Bahagian Perniagaan dan Pemasaran
  5. Bahagian Pengurusan Kualiti
  6. Call Centre
  7. eLearning

Pejabat Wilayah:

Pejabat NIOSH Wilayah Utara – (P. Pinang) – (Manjung)

2. Pejabat NIOSH Wilayah Pantai Timur – (Kertih) – (Kuantan) – (Kota Bharu)

3. Pejabat NIOSH Wilayah Sarawak – (Kuching) – (Bintulu) – (Miri)

4. Pejabat NIOSH Wilayah Selatan – (Senai) – (Pengerang) – (Melaka)

5. Pejabat NIOSH Wilayah Sabah & Labuan – (Kota Kinabalu) – (Labuan) – (Sandakan) – (Tawau)

Segala kesulitan yang dialami amat dikesali. Kami berharap rakan-rakan NIOSH dapat memahami dan  bersabar sepanjang tempoh PKP ini. NIOSH komited untuk terus memberikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik kepada semua pelanggan selepas tempoh PKP ini tamat.

Sekian, terima kasih.

NIOSH Your OSH Preferred Partner



Course Programmes

Competency Programmes

1. Safety and Health Officer (Full Time/ Part Time/ Modular) SHO
ic pdf 30
Ergonomic Trained Person for Initial Ergonomics Risk Assessment ERA1  ic pdf 30
Ergonomic Trained Person for Advanced Ergonomics Risk Assessment ERA2  ic pdf 30
Chemical Health Risk Assessment (Full Time) CHRA  ic pdf 30
 5. Hygiene Technician 1 (Chemical Monitoring) IHT1
ic pdf 30
 6. Hygiene Technician 2 (Inspection, Testing and Examination of Engineering Control Equipment) IHT2
ic pdf 30
 7. Noise Risk Assessor NRA
ic pdf 30
 8. Indoor Air Quality Assessor IAQ
ic pdf 30
 9. Occupational Health Doctor OHD
ic pdf 30
 10. Occupational Health Nurse OHN
ic pdf 30
 11. Safe Handling of Forklift Truck SHFT1
ic pdf 30
 12. Safe Handling of Forklift Truck Refresher SHFTR
ic pdf 30
 13. Basic Occupational First Aid BOFA ic pdf 30 
Basic Offshore Occupational First Aid OSFA  ic pdf 30
Authorised Entrant and Standby Person for Confined Space AESP  ic pdf 30
Authorised Entrant and Standby Person for Confined Space (Refresher) AESPR  ic pdf 30
Authorised Gas Tester and Entry Supervisor for Confined Space AGTES ic pdf 30
Authorised Gas Tester and Entry Supervisor for Confined Space (Refresher) AGTESR  ic pdf 30
Confined Space Safety (Trainer’s Program) CST  ic pdf 30
Working Safely at Height WAH  ic pdf 30
21 Working Safely at Height Refresher WAHR ic pdf 30
Construction Safety and Health Trainers CSHT ic pdf 30 
Site Safety Supervisor SSS  ic pdf 30
Train The Trainer TTT1 ic pdf 30 
Training Management for Business TTT2 ic pdf 30 
Inert Space Entry Training IET ic pdf 30
27. Inert Space Entry Training Refresher IETR ic pdf 30
Basic Rigging and Slinging BRS  ic pdf 30
29. Confined Space Rescue and First Response CSR  ic pdf 30
30. Safe Operation of High Pressure Water Jetting HPWJ ic pdf 30 
31 Safe Operation of High Pressure Water Jetting Refresher HPWJR ic pdf 30 




Non-Competency Programmes

Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 OSHA ic pdf 30
Compliance to Regulations under Occupational Safety and Health Act CRO ic pdf 30 
Compliance to Factories and Machinery Act 1967 and It’s Regulations CFMA ic pdf 30
Effective Safety and Health Committee ESHC ic pdf 30
Fundamental Occupational Safety and Health for Supervisor FOSH-SV  ic pdf 30
 6. Safe in the Use of Chemicals STUC  ic pdf 30
 7. Occupational Safety and Health in the Office OSHO  ic pdf 30
 8. Ergonomics and Manual Handling in the Workplace EMHW  ic pdf 30
 9. Back Protection Management BPM  ic pdf 30
 10. Hearing Loss Prevention and Audiometric Testing HLPAP  ic pdf 30
 11. Lung Function Testing and Analysis LFTA  ic pdf 30
 12. Safety and Health Officer Examination Workshop SHOW ic pdf 30 
 13. Occupational Health Nurse Examination Workshop OHNW ic pdf 30
 14. Safety and Health Officer Enrichment Program SHEP ic pdf 30 
15. Kiken Yochi Training KYT ic pdf 30
 16. Process Safety Management PSM ic pdf 30 
Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management OSHE ic pdf 30
 Safe Working In Hydrogen Sulfide Environment H2S ic pdf 30
Safe and Defensive Driving SDD
 ic pdf 30
Understanding, evaluating and implementing effective HIRARC at the workplace UIH
 ic pdf 30
Basic Principles of Industrial Hygiene BPIH
 ic pdf 30
Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan EPRP
 ic pdf 30
Incident Reporting and Analysis Technique IRAT
 ic pdf 30
Occupational Safety and Health For Construction Personnel OCP
 ic pdf 30
Transportation of Dangerous Good By Road TDGR
 ic pdf 30
Effective Communication in OSH ECOMM
 ic pdf 30
27. High Impact OSH Presentation Skills HIPS
 ic pdf 30
28. Tree Climbing Safety TCS
 ic pdf 30
Safe Motorcycle Riding for Workers SMRW
30.  Understanding and Implementation of Permit to Work UPTW  ic pdf 30
31. Occupational Health Doctor Examination Workshop OHDW   ic pdf 30
32. Fundamental of CLASS Regulations 2013 CLASS 1   ic pdf 30
33. Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheet of Hazardous Chemicals for Classifier CLASS 2   ic pdf 30
34. Fire Watcher Safety FWS  ic pdf 30
35. Fundamental and Applications of Surface Electromyography EMG  ic pdf 30
36. Water Safety Responder WSR  ic pdf 30
37. Behaviour Based Safety  for Observer BBSO ic pdf 30
38. Authorised Entrant & Standby Person for Confined Space Refresher  (P) AESPR(P) ic pdf 30

Induction and Safety Passport Programmes

 1. Contractor Safety Passport System - Low Risk CSPS-LR ic pdf 30 
Contractor Safety Passport System - High Risk
ic pdf 30
 3. Contractor Safety Passport System - All Risks CSPS-AR ic pdf 30
Oil and Gas Safety Passport OGSP
ic pdf 30
Oil and Gas Safety Passport - Refresher OGSPR
6. Oil and Gas Safety Passport - Refresher (eLearning) OGSPR eLearning ic pdf 30 
NIOSH - TENAGA Safety Passport  NTSP  ic pdf 30
 8. NIOSH - TM Safety Passport NTMSP  ic pdf 30
 9. NIOSH - Nestle Safety Passport NNSP  ic pdf 30
10. NIOSH - Port Safety Passport NPTSP  ic pdf 30
11. Air Selangor-NIOSH Safety Passport ANSP  ic pdf 30
12. NIOSH - Maybank Safety Paspport NMSP  ic pdf 30
13. NIOSH - UiTM Safety Passport NUiTMSP  
14. NIOSH - Prasarana Safety Passport NPSP ic pdf 30
15. Sarawak Energy Safety Passport SESP ic pdf 30 
16. Yayasan Sabah Safety Passport YSSP ic pdf 30 
17. Expressway Operations Safety Passport EOSP ic pdf 30 
18. NIOSH-ASTRO Safety Passport NASP ic pdf 30
19.  CENVIRO Safety Passport CSP ic pdf 30
20. Contractor Safety Passport System – High Risk (P) CSPSHR(P) ic pdf 30
21. Contractor Safety Passport System – Low Risk (P) CSPSLR(P) ic pdf 30

Course Schedule & Registration Online


Please be informed, inline with the new payment policy, commencing 16th March 2015 participant are required to arrange the payment for the selected course within One (1) day/(24 hours) upon completion of online registration.

Acceptable payment methods are CASH (at NIOSH premises or bank-in), Online Payment or Online Transfer, or Local Order ONLY. Personal cheques are NOT accepted. For government sectors, a local order or a letter of approval to attend the course is acceptable.

Kindly contact the secretariat for more detail.
5 Easy Steps To Register Online: