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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

NIOSH Journal (2013)

Journal of NIOSH, Volume 10, No.1 (June 2013)
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Assessing Medical Emergency Preparedness in an Office Setting – The BASF Hong Kong Experience
Original Article
1-7  Jefferelli S.B. 1, Bauder K. 2, Trauth B. 2
Local Exhaust Ventilation: PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE
Original Article
9-26 Nor Halim Hasan1, a*, M.R. Said2, b and A.M. Leman3, c
Effect of Noise and Pesticides Exposures among Foggers in Selangor
Original Article
27-37 Anita AR1, Noor Hassim I2il
Hearing Impairment as Occupational Hazard in Airport: A Comparative Cross Sectional Study 3 in Malaysia
Original Article
39-48 Ibrahimzubil A.R1, Nor Hassim I2, ThaherahNor3 
Respiratory Symptoms and Spirometry Findings among Pottery Makers in Perak
Original Article
49-58 Ibrahim Zubil AR, 2Wan Adnan WA
The Administration of Marine Spill Response of Malaysia
Original Article
59-91 Ahmad Faizal Ahmad Fuad1, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad2 and Saharuddin Abdul Hamid2
Journal of NIOSH, Volume 10, No.2 (December 2013)
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The Origin of Workers Hearing Level – A Finding Based on Chances of Occurrence
Original Article
1-11 Gan Chun Chet
Occupational Lung Carcinogens and Factors in Relation to Lung Cancer Risk
Original Article
13-25  Fauziah Nordin, Richard Booton, Paul O’Donnell, Philip Barber, Andrew Povey
OHSAS 18001 and MS 1722 Certification Initiatives Prove the Commitment to Sustainability
Original Article
27-36 Wai Onn Hong
The Extent of Predictability of Noise-Induced Problems – A Cross-Over from the
Healthy Limit to Off-Limit Conditions
Original Article
37-50  Ir. Gan Chun Chet
Prevalence Of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorder Among Port Workers: Quantitative Analysis At The Physiotherapy Centre Of Malaysian Shipping Industry, Selangor
Original Article
51-66 Izham Zain, Azrul Anuar, Asrina Asri, Shamsul Azhar