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Introduction Jurnal JOSH

The Journal of Occupational Safety and Health (JOSH) is devoted to enhance the knowledge and practice of occupational safety and health (OSH) by widely disseminating research articles and applied studies of highest quality.

JOSH provides a solid base to bridge the issues and concerns related to OSH. JOSH offers scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, including correspondence, regular papers, articles and short reports, announcements and etc.

It is intended that this journal should serve the OSH community, practitioners, students and public while providing vital information for the promotion of workplace health and safety.

Apart from that JOSH aims:

  • To promote debate and discussion on practical and theoretical aspects of OSH;
  • To encourage authors to comment critically on current OSH practices and discuss new concepts and emerging theories in OSH; and
  • To inform OSH practitioners and students of current issues.

JOSH is poised to become and essential resource in our efforts to promote and protect the safety and health of workers.

Publication period

JOSH is now published twice in a year (June and December). Articles will be reviewed by the JOSH Editorial Board which consist of NIOSH consultant and external OSH experts. Reviewing period is 6 months.

Discipline(s) / Subdiscipline(s):

1. Social Sciences
     - Sociology
2. Medical & Health Sciences
     - Nursing
     - Medicine
     - Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics
3. Engineering & Technology
    - Engineering

Print ISSN: 1675-5456
Publisher: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Publication type: Print & Electronic
Publication frequency: 2 time(s) per year


Journal of NIOSH, June 2016, Volume 13, No.1
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Prevalence And Factors Associated With Low Back Pain Among Tea Plantation Workers In Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Original Article
1-10 H. Abdul Hadi
Musculoskeletal Symptoms Among Employees In A Shared Service Center In Kuala Lumpur
Original Article
11-16 Jefferelli S.B., Manai L., Hanizah M.Y., Rosnah I., Norbrilliant M.
Musculoskeletal Symptoms Risk Factors and Postural Risk Analysis of Pineapple Plantation Workers in Johor
Original Article
17-26 Nur Hidayah Rani, *Emilia Zainal Abidin, Noor Afifah Ya’acob, Karmegam Karuppiah, Irniza Rasdi
Air Velocity Flow Analysis Of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)
Original Article
27-32 A.M Leman, Supaat Zakaria, M.F.Z. Jamaludin, Azmarini A.Nazri, K.A Rahman and D. Feriyanto
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring In Academic Management Centre
Original Article
33-40 S. Zakaria, A. M. Leman, D. Feriyanto, A. Hariri and A. A. Nazri
Knowledge, Attitude And Practice (KAP) Of Safety And Health Among Students In School
Original Article
41-44 Anuar Ithnin and Muhammad Amirul


Journal of NIOSH, Volume 11, No.1 (June 2014)
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Reassessing Medical Emergency Preparedness in an office-BASF
Hong Kong’s experience in 2012
Original Article
Jefferelli S.B., Bauder K. and Trauth B.
Manual Work and Lung Cancer Risk in High-Risk Populations
Original Article
Fauziah Nordin , SJ Lewis, PNS O’Donnell, PAJ Crosbie, Richard Booton, RM Agius, Philip Barber and Andrew Povey
Occupational Lead Exposure And Homocysteine Level Among
Automotive Component Manufacturing Factory Workers
Original Article
Shamsul B.S. and How Pai S.
Association Between Respirable Hexavalent Chromium (Cr-VI)
Compounds with Urinary β2-Microglobulin Level of Welders in
an Automotive Components Manufacturing Plant
Original Article
Shamsul B.S. and Zakirah M.
Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Assembly
Workers in Malaysia
Original Article
Roseni Abdul Aziz, Mat Rebi Abdul Rani, Jafri Mohd Rohani
and Ademola James Adeyemi
Questionnaires Results For Data Consolidation On
Occupational Safety And Health Management System Among
Gas Contractor In Peninsular Malaysia
Original Article
Hamdan Bin Haji Ramat , Shamsul Bahri Bin Hj. Mohd Tamrin, Mohd Rafee Bin Baharuddin and Mansor Bin Ahmad
Journal of NIOSH, Volume 11, No.2 (December 2014)
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Cumulative Occupational Exposure Assessment for Mineral Dust Using Finnish Job-Exposure Matrix (FINJEM)
Original Article
Fauziah Nordin , Frank de Vocht , Richard Booton , Philip Barber, Katie McCalman , Andrew Povey
Issues On Occupational Safety And Health At Workplace Among Older Fishermen In Malaysia
Original Article
Mohd Rizal Hussain, Anita Abd Rahman, Rosnah Mohd Yusuff, Nabilah Latif, Sharifah Norazizan Syed Abd Rashid & Haslinda Abdullah
Occupational Heat Stress And Physiology Parameters Of Male Workers In A Steel Plant Factory At Pasir Gudang, Johor
Original Article
Shamsul B.S and Dubashini N
Original Article
Shamsul B.S and Hang Yap T
DNA Changes in Lymphocytes among Malaysian Traffic Police
Officers Exposed to Air Pollutants
Original Article
Nur S Sulaiman & Zurahanim F.A


Journal of NIOSH, Volume 10, No.1 (June 2013)
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Assessing Medical Emergency Preparedness in an Office Setting – The BASF Hong Kong Experience
Original Article
1-7  Jefferelli S.B. 1, Bauder K. 2, Trauth B. 2
Local Exhaust Ventilation: PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE
Original Article
9-26 Nor Halim Hasan1, a*, M.R. Said2, b and A.M. Leman3, c
Effect of Noise and Pesticides Exposures among Foggers in Selangor
Original Article
27-37 Anita AR1, Noor Hassim I2il
Hearing Impairment as Occupational Hazard in Airport: A Comparative Cross Sectional Study 3 in Malaysia
Original Article
39-48 Ibrahimzubil A.R1, Nor Hassim I2, ThaherahNor3 
Respiratory Symptoms and Spirometry Findings among Pottery Makers in Perak
Original Article
49-58 Ibrahim Zubil AR, 2Wan Adnan WA
The Administration of Marine Spill Response of Malaysia
Original Article
59-91 Ahmad Faizal Ahmad Fuad1, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad2 and Saharuddin Abdul Hamid2
Journal of NIOSH, Volume 10, No.2 (December 2013)
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The Origin of Workers Hearing Level – A Finding Based on Chances of Occurrence
Original Article
1-11 Gan Chun Chet
Occupational Lung Carcinogens and Factors in Relation to Lung Cancer Risk
Original Article
13-25  Fauziah Nordin, Richard Booton, Paul O’Donnell, Philip Barber, Andrew Povey
OHSAS 18001 and MS 1722 Certification Initiatives Prove the Commitment to Sustainability
Original Article
27-36 Wai Onn Hong
The Extent of Predictability of Noise-Induced Problems – A Cross-Over from the
Healthy Limit to Off-Limit Conditions
Original Article
37-50  Ir. Gan Chun Chet
Prevalence Of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorder Among Port Workers: Quantitative Analysis At The Physiotherapy Centre Of Malaysian Shipping Industry, Selangor
Original Article
51-66 Izham Zain, Azrul Anuar, Asrina Asri, Shamsul Azhar


Journal of NIOSH, Volume 9, No.1 (June 2012)
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Conformity to Occupational Safety and Health Regulations in Small and Medium Enterprises
Original Article
1-6  Baba Md Deros, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, & Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusof
Modelling and Optimization Approach of Quantitative Environmental Ergonomics in Malaysian Automotive Industry
Original Article
7-14 Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Baba Md Deros, Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusof, Mohd Hanifiah Mohd Haniff, & Isa Halim
A Survey on Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) among Construction Workers
Original Article
15-20 Isa Halim, Rohana Abdullah, & Ahmad Rasdan Ismail
Workplace injuries in Malaysian Manufacturing Industries
Original Article
21-32 Saad Mohd Said, Zairihan Abdul Halim & Fatimah Said
The Impact of Return to Work Programs on the Health Status of Injured Workers with Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Malaysian Study
Original Article
33-44 Mr. Mohd Suleiman Murad, Dr. Louise Farnworth, Dr. Lisa O’Brien & Dr. Chi Wen Chien
Simulator Sickness: A Threat to Simulator Training
Original Article
45-52 Rabihah Ilyas
Journal of NIOSH, Volume 9, No.2 (December 2012)
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Keselamatan Lif Di Rumah Pangsa Kos Rendah Di Wilayah Persekutuan
Original Article
1 Ahmad Fauzi Awang
Accident Risk Indices Of Malaysia's Firefighters Working In 12 And 24 Hours Shift Works
Original Article

Dr. Sharifah Osman @ Liew Shyuan Yei, Prof. Dr. Ismail Bahari, Prof. Madya Dr. Kadir Arifin, Dato' Wan Mohd Nor Bin Hj. Ibrahim and Mr. Chen Teck Foong

Quantitative Measurement of Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems Perfomance
Original Article
31 Aziz Basiran1 and Ismail Bahari
Safety Intervention Need Analysis System For Construction Industry
Original Article
39 Asmalia Che Ahmad, Normazlina Mohamed Zi, Ismail Bahari, & Azizah Jaafar
The Use of Mobile Technology Applications for Crisis Management During Hajj
Original Article
47 Hana Al-Nuaim (DSc) and Miadah Al-Masry (MSc)
Safety Cultures: Japan, Malaysia And The World
Original Article
61 Ryoichi Horiguchi
Journal of NIOSH, Volume 9, No.3 (December 2012)
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A Study of The Effectiveness of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Approach
Original Article
1-9 C. S. Ng, A. M.Leman, & N. Asmuin
Assessment of Sitting Pressure on Malaysian Bus Drivers
Original Article
10-16 Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Mohd Afiq Zainal Rosli, Isa Halim, Baba Md. Deros, Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman, & Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Call Center Ergonomics Issues: A Case Study
Original Article
17-22 T.Hari Krishnan, & Raemy Md Zein
Comparison of Air Conditioning Ducting Measurement Data and Effect of Indoor Air Data at Office Building
Original Article
23-30 M.D. Amir Abdullah, A.M.Leman, A.Norhidayah, & M.M.Syafiq Syazwan 
Comparison of Indoor Air Contaminants In Different Stages of New Building Occupancy: Training and Office Setting
Original Article
31-38 Nor Mohd Razif Noraini, A.M.Leman, Ahmad Sayuti Zainal Abidin, Ruslina Mohd. Jazar, Laila Shuhada Mat Zin, Rasdan Ismail, & Nor Hidayah Abdull
Compliances of Airborne Microbe in Different Phases of Building Commisioning
Original Article
39-44 Ahmad Sayuti Zainal Abidin , A.M.Leman, & Nor Mohd Razif Noraini
Data Comparison on Fumes Local Exhaust Ventilation: Examination and Testing Compliance to USECHH Regulation 2000 Original Article 45-54 Nor Halim Hasan, Mohd Radzai Said, Abdul Mutalib Leman, BNorerama D.Pagukuman, & Jaafar Othman
Exposure to pm and Respiratory Health Among Traffic Policemen in Kuala Lumpur Original Article 55-64 Ahmad Syazrin Muhammad, Juliana Jalaludin & Nur Aqilah M.Yusof
Indoor Thermal Comfort Study: A Case Study at Higher Institution in East Coast of Malaysia Original Article 65-72 Rosli Abu Bakar, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Norfadzilah Jusoh, & Abdul Mutalib Leman
Laboratory OSH Compliance Status Among Chemical Testing Laboratory in Lembah Klang Original Article 73-82 A.Suhaily, M.Mohd Norhafsam, Z.A.Ahmad Sayuti, M.H.Nor Husna, T.A.Naemah, & J.Nurzuhairah
Response Surface Method in Modelling the Environmental Factors Toward Workers’ Productivity Original Article 83-90 Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Mat Rebi Abdul Rani, Baba Md.Deros, Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul, & Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusof
The Reaction of Nigerian School Children to Back Pain Due to Backpack Usage Original Article 91-94 Ademola James Adeyemi, Jafri Mohd. Rohani, & Mat Rebi Abdul Rani
The Study of Respirable Dust Concentration in Paper Based Industry Original Article 95-102 N.Azreen P, A.M.Leman, A.Norhidayah, & Ismail M
Whole Body Vibration Exposure: An Experimental Study to Malaysian Bus Driver Original Article 103-108 Siti Nur Atikah Abdullah, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Abdul Mutalib Leman, Isa Halim, & Nor Hidayah Abdull
Associations of Blood Lead and Disciplinary Behavior among Male Adolescents in Selangor, Malaysia Original Article 109-116 Mohd Rafee B, B., Asilah, A., Rumaya, J., & Shamsul Bahari, S.