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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Division at NIOSH Malaysia offer a wide range of consultancy services whether to meet the requirement of the law or to improve the safety and health at workplace.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner in enhancing Occupational Safety & Health.
 Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) is cornerstone on which compliance with the Use and Standard of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health (USECHH) Regulations 2000 is achieved. USECHH Regulations require employer to make a comprehensive assessment of the risk of employees exposure to chemical hazardous to health in the workplace for the purpose of enabling decision to be made on appropriate control, measure, further training of employee, and monitoring and health surveillance activities as may be required to protect the health of employees who may be exposed to chemical hazardous to health at work.NIOSH offer comprehensive CHRA services in providing guidance on improving current control measure. Complete with report and the recommendation in accordance to USECHH 2000.
Monitoring of Chemical Hazardous to Health
Monitoring is to be conducted on employees exposure to chemical hazardous to health listed in Schedule II of the USECHH Regulation 2000 and where CHRA recommend monitoring to be conducted in accordance with an approved method of sampling and analysis for the chemical hazardous to health. Workplace exposure monitoring also may be required for other reason such as:
  • To ensure the employees exposure level are maintained below the Permissible Exposure Limits

  • To ensure the maintenance of adequate control measure

  • To quantify exposure during new process set-up

  • To assess the effects of a change in process specification

  • To ensure that the risk assessment is still valid

NIOSH offer a comprehensive monitoring service, tailored to meet any or entire above requirement. We can offer the best with the most up to date equipment and services in workplace.
 Inspection and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation
Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system is commonly used to remove hazardous gases, fume, vapours and dust from workplace. Poorly design and maintenance of LEV system may result in the failure to adequately control employee exposure to hazardous chemical and hence a breach of the USECHH 2000 and may cause illness to employees.
NIOSH offer a full range of LEV testing and inspection services to ensure that the system are suitable for the purpose of controlling chemical hazardous to health and remain within specification. Data from the testing and examination of LEV and exposure monitoring will provide information to employer that the control measures are within specifications and permissible exposure limit in compliance with USECHH 2000 requirements.
Noise Exposure Monitoring
Noise monitoring will be conducted by qualified and experienced competent person to evaluate employees exposure to noise. Personal monitoring will be carried out among the employees using the Noise Dosimeter. Sound level meter will be used to identify the noise sources as well as their levels and types of noise that exposed to the employees. Other than that, noise mapping also will be carried out to identify zones with Noise Level less or greater than 85dB (A).
NIOSH offers comprehensive noise monitoring in order to measure the noise level at your workplace that expose to your workers. We believe that our services are tailored for complying with the regulations and better than other.
Formulation and Translation of CSDS
Chemical / Material Safety Data Sheet (CSDS/MSDS) means an up to date hand out or information sheet containing relevant information to pertaining to the hazardous chemical or preparation which is vital for establishing arrangements in the use of the chemical or preparation at work.
The CSDS must consist of minimum 15 elements and must be written in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.
NIOSH conducts the formulation and translation of CSDS to assist the industries especially for chemical suppliers to comply with the regulation.
Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) simply refers to the quality of the air in an occupied building environment. NIOSH provides a complete assessment services in order to assess the IAQ level at your workplace. Assessment program will be conducted according to proper method of assessment and sampling procedures,

Assessment will be started with walk-through survey to identify the potential indicators of concern including pollutant sources, pollutant pathways, ventilations, microbiological agents and others. Next, the measurement will be carried out to identify the IAQ level at your workplace according to approved method.

This assessment is designed to identify the IAQ problems and helps you to develop corrective action plans. The result and recommendations from the assessment will be stated in the report.
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