Thursday, 20 January 2022
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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety

The consultancy services offered by our Occupational Safety Division are as follows; 


Major Hazard
  • Establishment of demonstration  of safe operation
  • Report on industrial activity and preparation of emergency plan for major hazard installation
Inspection Services
  • Any activities that need designated person’s inspection e.g scaffold, demolition, confined space, formwork erection, safety belt, lifeline, safety net. Etc (Reference: FMA 1967)
  • Establishment of HIRARC and job hazard/safety analysis ( JH/SA)
  • OSH Training Need (OTN) Solution
  • Facilities Integrity Inspection
  • Establishment of Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative or Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Establishment of PTW System
  • Conduct Workplace Assessment / Inspection; 
  • Conduct Specific Gap Analysis e.g Status Implementation of machinery, operation or facilities, etc
  • Customized / Tailored  OSH program
  • Transport Driver/ Rider Safety (Motorcycle, Car, Heavy Vehicle, etc;
  • Forensic incident investigation e.g method improvement, corrective and preventive recommendation, lesson learnt, etc
  • Developing Emergency Response and Preparedness Competent Person e.g Emergency Response Team, Crisis Management Team, Incident Command System, etc
  • High Risk activity e.g, pruning, working at height, logging in forestry industry, machinery operation or handling in agriculture industry, etc.
  • Equipment testing and calibration e.g. pressure gauge testing, multi gas detector, etc
  • Hydrostatic testing for breathing apparatus cylinder
  • Corrosion test for breathing apparatus cylinder
  • PPE testing and services e.g. helmet, bump cap, goggle, harness, etc
  • Certificate of conformance issuance e.g. testing equipment  certification, etc
  • OSH product recognition e.g meeting Malaysia Standard Requirement, etc
  • Fall prevention system inspection e.g. lifeline structure , rescue system, etc
  • Engineering safety design e.g plant layout design, structural design, etc
  • OSH multimedia development e.g. simulation, on-line system, Computer Based Training (CBT), induction/awareness video, soft skill – software, etc

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