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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety And Health Management

Occupational Safety And Health Management Division (OSHMD) operates under the Consultation, Research and Development Department (CRD) in NIOSH Malaysia. Our core activities are to provide consultation services in terms of legal compliance, advisory, establishment and other OSH solution.

The general responsibilities of OSHMD are:
  •  Provide consultancy services on legal compliance, OSH solution, advisory services and technical/ establishment services
  • Promote OSHMD services to related sectors and industries

  • Conduct research pertaining to OSH Management issue

  • Development of new services, client and new product

  • Support another division under CRD and NIOSH as a whole

The specific consultancy services provided by OSHMD are:
1. Legal Compliance
  • Establish/ Develop OSH Policy

  • Establish Safety and Health Committe

  • Accident Reporting and Investigation Documentation and Procedure Development

  • Establish Emergency Responses Plan Documentation and Arrangement

  • New Factory Installation Procedure and Application

  • Initial Site Assesment (Penilaian Awal Tapak)

  • Environment Impact Assessment

  • Radiological Impact Assessment

 2. OSH Solution

  • Personal Protective Equipment Management

  • Legal Register Management

  • Schedule Waste Management

  • Air Emission Management

  • Waste Water Management

  • Industrial Effluent Management

  • Ionizing Radiation Protection Management

  • HACCP Management

  • OHSAS 18001 Gap Analysis

  • MS 1722 Gap Analysis

  • EMS 14001 Gap Analysis

  • Integrated System Gap Analysis

  • OSH System Initial Review

  • OSH Auditibng & Performance Measurement

 3. Advisory Services

 4. Technical/ Establishment Services

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