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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

NIOSH Journal (2016)

Journal of NIOSH, June 2016, Volume 13, No.1
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Prevalence And Factors Associated With Low Back Pain Among Tea Plantation Workers In Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Original Article
1-10 H. Abdul Hadi
Musculoskeletal Symptoms Among Employees In A Shared Service Center In Kuala Lumpur
Original Article
11-16 Jefferelli S.B., Manai L., Hanizah M.Y., Rosnah I., Norbrilliant M.
Musculoskeletal Symptoms Risk Factors and Postural Risk Analysis of Pineapple Plantation Workers in Johor
Original Article
17-26 Nur Hidayah Rani, *Emilia Zainal Abidin, Noor Afifah Ya’acob, Karmegam Karuppiah, Irniza Rasdi
Air Velocity Flow Analysis Of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)
Original Article
27-32 A.M Leman, Supaat Zakaria, M.F.Z. Jamaludin, Azmarini A.Nazri, K.A Rahman and D. Feriyanto
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring In Academic Management Centre
Original Article
33-40 S. Zakaria, A. M. Leman, D. Feriyanto, A. Hariri and A. A. Nazri
Knowledge, Attitude And Practice (KAP) Of Safety And Health Among Students In School
Original Article
41-44 Anuar Ithnin and Muhammad Amirul
Journal of NIOSH, June 2016, Volume 13, No.2
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Ornamental Potted Plant as Air Bio-filters for Indoor Environments

Original Article
1-8 Mohd Mahathir Suhaimi Shamsuria , A.M. Lemana, Azian Haririb , Azizi Afandi
Aspergillus Niger in Tropical Indoor Conditions
Original Article
9-14 Umi Kalthsom Parjo, Norshuhaila Mohamed Sunar and Abdul Mutalib Leman
Case Study Of Occupational Hazards Amongst The Gastrointestinal Assistants (GIA) Exposed To Succindialdehyde (SA) In The Endoscopy Unit Of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH)
Original Article
17-26 C.S. Michal ,S.Nadirah ,R. Ammar, S. Savio, G. Philip, M. Jayaram
Construction Occupational Safety and Health from the Perspective of Malaysian Residential Construction Industry
Original Article
23-34 Mohd Hafiidz Jaafar, Kadir Arifin, Kadaruddin Aiyub, Muhammad Rizal Razman and Mark Harris Zuknik
Malaysian Construction Industry: Trends of Occupational Accidents from 2006 to 2015
Original Article
35-54 Nur Nadia Adila Abdul Halim, Mohd Hafiidz Jaafar Kadir Arifin, Kadaruddin Aiyub, Muhammad Rizal Razman and Mohd Haizzan Yahaya
Safety Training and Safety Behaviour in The Malaysian SME
Original Article
55-62 KhooTeng Hong , Lilis Surienty , Mohd Nasir Selamat
Relationship Between Safety Climate Perception and Safety and Health Management System with Occupational Accident at Small Medium Industries in Selangor Original Article 63-69 Noradila Mohamed, Shamsul Bahri Mohd Tamrin
A Review on the Guidelines Related to Risk Assessment for Confined Space Original Article 71-84 Roslina Mohammad, Zamree Amin and Norazli Othman
Identification of Hazardous Nature of Well Drilling Operation With Associated Potential Hazards at Oil and Gas Extraction Industries: an Explanatory Approach Original Article 85-92 Muhammad Mujtaba Asad, Razali Bin Hassan, Qadir Mehmood Soomro, F. Sherwani, Muhammad Aamir
Development of Physical Workload and Heat Stress Questionnaire for Construction Industry in Malaysia Original Article 93-97 Solehan Imran Shariffudin, Jafri Mohd. Rohani, Mohd Firdaus Mohd Taib, Roseni Abd. Aziz
The Impact of Work Rest Scheduling on Prolonged Standing activity in a Malaysian Electronic Company Original Article 99-108 Reyan Healme Rohanai, Affandi Mohd-Zainal, Jafri Mohd Rohani, Ismail Abdul Rahman,Norlizaa Mohamad
Visual Status in Relation With Occupational Safety and Health Amongst Industrial Visual Display Terminal (VDT) Users in Malaysia Original Article 109-116 Zurin Firdawani Yacob, Mohd Zaki Awg Isa, Raemy Md. Zein
An Initial Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) of Pesticides Use Among Oil Palm Workers in Johor Original Article 117-121 S. N.Marina Mior. I. S, A.M Lemana, M. R Baharudin, R. Masripan, M. Faazir T, M.Ifwat A.
The Ergonomics of Seating Design in Lecture Hall at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS), Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM) Original Article 123-130 Ng Yee Guan, Nur Aisyah binti Alias