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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health


About Us

Consultation is one of NIOSH core activities in the effort of elevating and improving OSH in the workplace. As the preferred partner in industries, NIOSH continuously emphasizes on the quality of the consultation services provided to meet the clients' requests.

Consultation Management Center (CMC)

Consultation Management Centre (CMC) consolidates and facilitates consultancy services carried out by Consultation, Research and Development Department (CRDD). We are committed to validate client's risk assessment through approved method that produce scientific evidence. CRDD offers a wide range of consultancy services in meeting the requirements of OSH law and legislation aswell as good practice as follows:

Regulatory Compliance
OSH Solution
Laboratory Services
Advisory Services



OSH Regulatory Compliance Services


No Item Code
1 Chemical Health Risk Assessment CHRA
2 Chemical Exposure Monitoring CEM
3 Inspection And Testing Of Local Exhaust Ventilation System LEV
4 Indoor Air Quality IAQ
5 Noise Boundary Monitoring NBM
6 Noise Exposure Monitoring NEM
7 Translation Of SDS SDS
8 Professional Report PR
9 Audiometric Testing And Analysis ATA
10 Lung Function Test & Analysis LFT
11 Medical Surveillance MS
12 Medical Surveillance + chemical MSC
13 Fitness For Work Assessment FFW
14 Impairment Assessment for Compensation Management (SOCSO+Insurance) IAC

OSH Solutions Services


No Item Code
1 OSH Legislation Management OSHLM
2 Environmental Legislation Management ELM
3 Gap Analysis/ Initial Review:- OHSAS 18001/ MS 1722/ OHSAS 18001 & MS 1722/ EMS 14001 GAIR
4 Establishment And Implementation Of OHSAS 18001 EIOSH
5 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 MS
6 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 & OHSAS 18001 MSOH
7 Establishment And Implementation Of EMS 14001                               EMS
8 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 , OHSAS 18001, QMS 9001 & EMS 14001 (Quality, OSH & Environment) OSHQE
9 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 , OHSAS 18001, QMS 9001 (Quality & OSH) OSHQ
10 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 , OHSAS 18001, EMS 14001 (OSH & Environment) OSHE
11 OSH Solution (eg HIRARC, SHC, OSH Awareness Program, ERP, Accident Investigation & Reporting) OSHS
12 Establishment Of Job Hazard/ Safety Analysis (JH/SA) JHA
13 OSH Training Needs (OTN) Solution OSHTNA
14 Facilities/Engineering Integrity Inspection FII
15 Establishment Of HIRARC HIRARC
16 Hazard And Operability Study (HazOp) HAZOP
17 Establishment Of PTW System PTW
18 Conduct Workplace Assessment/ Inspection WPI
19 Conduct Baseline Assessment Study BAS
20 Conduct Post Incident Investigation PII
21 Confined Space Risk Assessment CSRA
22 Behaviour Base Safety Coaching BBSC
23 Heat Stress Assessment HSA
24 Occupational Vibration Assessment OVA
25 Industrial Ergo Risk Assessment ERA
26 Office Ergo Assessment OEA
27 Ergonomic in the office Management Program EMP
28 Fatigue Management Program -State point sesi FMP

OSH Advisory Services


No Item Code
1 OSH Legislation Understanding workshop OSHLAW
2 Defensive Driving/Riding Program For Workers Workshop DDPW/ DRPW
3 Accident Investigation Reporting AIR
4 Developing Emergency Response & Preparedness Competent Person E.G ERP Team ERPP
5 Behaviour Based Safety BBS
6 Working Safely At Height WAH
7 Safe Machinery Operation & Handling SMO
8 Standing at Work STW
9 Ergonomics for Safety Committee ESC
10 Back Protection Program BPP
11 Ergonomics and Manual Handling EMH
12 Ergonomics in the office ETO
13 Total Wellness Health Promotion (Package 1- 3 days) TWHP 1

Niosh Consultancy Inquieries Form

Should you need further details, kindly fill up NIOSH Consultation Inquiry Form.

For more info, kindly email or contact us:

TEL     : 03-87692290 / FAX : 0389269842
HP      : 013-222 8155






Training is an integral part of Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) to ensure the success of any OSH programme at the workplace, adequate and effective training must be implemented for all those responsible in OSH. Training enables managers, supervisors and workers to understand the working of safety management systems and the legal compliance required. They will then understand their own responsibilities and the necessary actions to be taken towards upgrading safety and health at their respective workplaces.  

There are four (4) types of training programme provided by NIOSH:

   OSH Practitioners Programmes
  • Incident Reporting and Analysis Technique
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
  • Understanding, Evaluating and Implementing Effective HIRARC at Workplace
  • Effective Safety and Health Committee
  • Fundamental Occupational Safety and Health for Supervisor
  • Ergonomics and Manual Handling at theWorkplace
  • Compliance to Regulations Under OSHA 1994
  • Compliance to Factories and Machinery Act 1967 and Regulations
   Competency / Certificate Programme
  • Safety and Health Officer
  • Site Safety Supervisor
  • Hygiene Technician 1
  • Hygiene Technician 2
  • Authorized Entrant and Standby Person
  • Authorized Gas Tester and Entry Supervisor
  • Indoor Air Quality for Assessor
  • Noise Risk Assessor
  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment
  • Occupational Health Doctor
   Trainer’s Programme
  • Train the Trainer
  • Training Management for Business
  • Construction Safety and Health Trainers
  • Confined Space Train the Trainer
   Safety Passport Programmes
  • Contractor Safety Passport System (CSPS)
  • Expressway Operations Safety Passport (EOSP)
  • NIOSH NESTLE Safety Passport (NNSP)
  • Oil and Gas Safety Passport (OGSP)
  • NIOSH-ASTRO Safety Passport (NASP)
  • NIOSH PORT Safety Passport (NPTSP)
  • Sarawak Energy Safety Passport (SESP)
  • NIOSH TM Safety Passport (NTMSP)
  • NIOSH Tenaga Safety Passport (NTSP)
  • Air Selangor-NIOSH Safety Passport (ANSP)