Friday, 19 July 2019
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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Consultation 6 (Niosh Consultancy Inquieries Form Link)

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TEL     : 03-87692290 / FAX : 0389269842
HP      : 013-222 8155

Consultation 1 (About Us)

Consultation is one of NIOSH core activities in the effort of elevating and improving OSH in the workplace. As the preferred partner in industries, NIOSH continuously emphasizes on the quality of the consultation services provided to meet the clients' requests.

Consultation Management Center (CMC)

Consultation Management Centre (CMC) consolidates and facilitates consultancy services carried out by Consultation, Research and Development Department (CRDD). We are committed to validate client's risk assessment through approved method that produce scientific evidence. CRDD offers a wide range of consultancy services in meeting the requirements of OSH law and legislation aswell as good practice as follows:

Regulatory Compliance
OSH Solution
Laboratory Services
Advisory Services