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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Information Dissemination

Information dissemination is one of the functions in NIOSH which has become in demand by the industries. Indirectly it indicates the increasing level of awareness in OSH among employers, employees and higher learning institutions in Malaysia.

NIOSH also organize and participates in various exhibitions, seminars and conferences held nationwide as well as advice and support industries in their safety and health campaign activities. As information is essential in realizing the goal of a safe and healthy workplace environment, NIOSH actively undertakes Information Dissemination activities to reach out to the public with the hope to inculcate safe and healthy work culture.

NIOSH also has a library that offers reference in OSH. Thousands of OSH collections are offered at the public’s convenience at our library.


Examination List

OSH competency is essential towards ensuring proper OSH management. Certification in various areas is thus a crucial contributing factor towards a safe and healthy job environment.

List of examination organized by NIOSH:

Safety & Health Officer Examination
Chemical Health Risk Assessment Examination
Industrial Hygiene Technician I Examination
Occupational Health Doctor Examination
Competency Assessment for Crane
Industrial hygiene Technician II Examination
Authorised Gas Tester and Entry Supervisor
Indoor Air Quality for Assessor
Monitoring of Noise Exposure
Site Safety supervisor
Occupational Health Nurse Examinations
Certified Medical Impairment Assessor (CMIA)
Forklift Examinations
Authorised Entrant and Standby Person (AESP)
Confined Space Rescue
Inert Entry for Confined Space
Permit to Work (PTW)
OSH-MS Lead Auditor
Ringing & Slinging for Mechanical Lifting
Occupational First Aid (OFA)
Basic Offshore Occupational First Aid (OSFA)
Working at Height (WAH)
CSPS (Trainer)
Forklift Examinations (Trainer and Assessor)
SICW Examinations
NIOSH-TNB Safety Passport Examination (Trainer)
NIOSH-TM Safety Passport Examination (Trainer)
NIOSH-PORTS Safety Passport Examination (Trainer)
NIOSH-NESTLE Safety Passport Examination (Trainer)
NIOSH-UiTM Safety Passport Examination (Trainer)
Oil and Gas Safety Passport Examination (Trainer)
SYABAS NIOSH Safety Card Examination (Trainer)
TELCO Safety Passport Examination (Trainer)
Safety Induction System for Oleochemical (Trainer)
Train the Trainer
Training Management for Business
Confined Space Trainer
NIOSH-OSFAM Safety Passport
NIOSH-TNB Safety Passport
NIOSH-TM Safety Passport Examination
TELCO Safety Passport Examination (Trainee)
Safety Induction for Oleochemical (Trainee)
NIOSH-PORTS Safety Passport Examination (Trainee)
NIOSH NESTLE Safety Passport Examination (Trainee)
NIOSH-UiTM Safety Passport Examination (Trainee)
NIOSH MAYBANK Safety Passport Examination (Trainee)
NIOSH Sabah Electricity Passport  Examination (Trainee)
SYABAS NIOSH Safety Card Examination (Trainee)
Oil & Gas Safety Passport Examination (Trainee)

Examination Workplace Assessment (WPA) Format / Guidelines

New Examination Format

Report Writing Guidelines for IHT1 & IHT2

Report Writing Guidelines and Report Format MNE

Report Writing Guidelines and Report Format IAQ

Report Writing Guidelines and Report Format SHO

Report Writing Guidelines and Report Format OHD

Report Writing Guidelines and Report Format OHN

Report Writing Guidelines and Report Format CHRA


Examination Calendars

exam 2018                 header exam calender

1.Industrial Hygiene Technician 1                                                     1. Safety & Health Officer (SHO)

2. Industrial Hygeince Technician 2                                                  2. Industrial Hygiene Technician 1

3. Indoor Quality Air (IAQ)                                                                  3. Industrial Hygiene Technician 2

4. Occupational Health Doctor (OHD)                                              4. Indoor Quality Air (IAQ)

5. Occupational Health Nurse (OHN)                                               5. Occupational Health Doctor (OHD)

6. Site Safety Supervisor (SSS)                                                          6. Occupational Health Nurse (OHN)

7. Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)                                 7. Monitoring Of Noise Exposure (MNE)

8. Safety & Health Officer (SHO)                                                       8. Site Safety Supervisor (SSS)

9. Monitoring of Noise Exposure




  Examination format and marking scheme for:

  1. Industrial Hygiene Technician 1 (monitoring of chemical hazardous to health)

  2. Industrial Hygiene Technician 2 (inspection, testing and examination of engineering control equipment)

  3. Competent person (noise monitoring)

  4. Indoor air quality assessor

please click here to view format

Safety & Health Officer

The Occupational Safety and Health (Safety and Health Officer) Regulations 1997 which came into force on 22 August 1997 requires certain industries to employ a competent safety and health officer to resolve matters pertaining to the safety and health at their workplace.
The safety and health officer must comply with the requirements under this regulation, whereby a candidate must have completed a course of training in occupational safety and health and passed the examination conducted by NIOSH. Apart from that, the candidate must possess a minimum of 3 years working experience in occupational safety and health before the candidate can be registered with DOSH.
The objective of this document is to explain the current requirement and structure of the Safety and Health Officer Examination conducted by NIOSH.
To be eligible to sit for the Safety And Health Officer Examination with NIOSH, the candidate must have successfully completed the Safety and Health Officer (SHO) Course conducted by NIOSH or any other training provider approved by DOSH, AND
 Possess at least an SPM, MCE, SPVM or equivalent certificate (minimum 3rd Grade); OR
 Possess at least SPM (Open Certificate) with the following conditions:
  1. Sit for at least six (6) subjects; AND
  2. Obtain at least grade 6C in Bahasa Melayu AND English AND Mathematic; AND
  3. Pass at least one (1) subject with at least grade 8E for subjects Science OR Physics OR Chemistry OR Biology; AND
  4. Pass other subjects such that the total number of subjects is at least six (6); OR
Obtain exemption from the above requirements (a and b) by the Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia.
Candidate who has been given such exemption by DOSH or by the Board of Examination, NIOSH.
All questions are presented in English and Bahasa Malaysia. 
Click here to view the format and marking scheme for examination
A Safety And Health Officer competent certificates will be awarded by NIOSH to a candidate who has passed the Safety and Health Officer examination.
Once the candidate satisfies the entry requirement, the candidate must complete the required examination within two years (24 months) starting from the date of the first examination taken by the candidate.
A candidate may re-sit a maximum of four (4) times for each Part of the examination within two years (24 months) starting from the date of the first examination taken by the candidate. If the candidate fails after the fifth attempt within the specified period, the candidate must re-enroll for the whole course OR sit for SHO Improvement Program AND register as a new candidate for the examination.
Candidates may choose to take any of the papers at any time as long as it is accomplished within two years.
A candidate may withdraw (by writing to the Examination Secretariat) from the registered examination within the approved postponement period (refer to appendix 1). Any withdrawal after the postponement period is subjected to the following penalties:
This withdrawal is considered as a failed examination attempt; AND
Examination fees will be forfeited.

Frequently Ask Question

What are the types of examinations conducted by NIOSH?

NIOSH conducts eight types of examinations, namely:
  • Safety and Health Officer (SHO) Examinations
  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) Examinations
  • Industrial Hygiene Technician (IHT) 1 Examinations
  • Occupational Health Doctor (OHD) Examinations
  • Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) Examinations
  • Competency Assessment for Crane Operators
  • Authorised Gas Tester (AGT) Examinations
  • Occupational First Aid (OFA) Examinations
  • Scaffolding Examinations

What is the SHO Workshop? How can I register for it?

The SHO workshop is a one day programme to prepare candidates for the SHO examinations. It comprises two sessions which will cover the four modules taught in the course, the types of questions that will be asked and techniques to answer them. To register, you are required to fill in the training application form and send it to the Programme Management Unit, Training Division NIOSH.

What is a refresher course? How do I know when a refresher course is being held?

A refresher course is a course conducted for candidates of the CHRA, IHT, OHD and OHN exams. Candidates will be informed of the dates of the refresher for their respective exams. The objective of the refresher course is to review the course syllabus and prepare the candidates for the coming examination. The one to two-day courses comprise both theory and practical sessions.

How can a candidate register for a refresher course?

To register, you are required to fill in the training application form and send it to the respective divisions - CHRA, IHT to the Industrial Hygiene Division and OHD,OHN to the Occupational Health Division of NIOSH.

When will NIOSH send the competency certificate to the candidate?

The Examination and Certification Unit will send the certificate via mail within two weeks after the results have been endorsed and approved by the NIOSH Certification Committee or the Board of Examiners.

What are the necessary documents required to apply for the Hygiene Technician 1 Exams?

The Examination form has to be fully completed and attached with copies of your Certificate of Attendance for the Industrial Hygiene Technician 1 course, SPM certificate and the examination fees.

What are the necessary documents required to apply for the Safety and Health Officer Exams?

The Examination form has to be fully completed and attached with copies of your Certificate of Attendance for the Safety and Health Officer course, SPM certificate (minimum) and the examination fees.

Do I need to pay the exam fees upon application?

Yes, your application for examination has to be accompanied by the full payment of fees. Applications without fees will not be processed.

What do I need to do after passing the SHO exams? How do I register with JKKP / DOSH?

You are required to complete the SHO Registration Form (as in Schedule 1, SHO Regulations 1997). Forms may be obtained from DOSH. Please bring along copies of your certificate of attendance for SHO course, letter showing your SHO exam results, and documentation of your working experience (minimum three (3) years experience in OSH) and RM100 processing fees to be submitted to DOSH.

If I fail my exams, can I make an appeal to NIOSH?

Yes, however only borderline cases can appeal. The appeal has to be made within two weeks after the announcement of results. Appeals received later than two weeks will not be entertained.

How much do I have to pay for an appeal and review of the papers? Is this amount refundable?

The payment for appeal and revision is RM100.00. The fees are not refundable, whatever the outcome of the review.

I lost / misplaced my NIOSH competency certificate/certificate of attendance. What do I do?

You may write in to our Examination and Certification Unit you request for a duplicate copy. Please enclose a copy of the police report, the certificate reprinting form and RM50.00 processing fees.

What do I need to bring when sitting for the exams?

You need to bring your IC / ID document, and the necessary stationary.

Research and Development

NIOSH has also been conducting research and development (R&D) activities in the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) related areas. NIOSH has set up a Research Management Centre (RMC) to carry out all R&D activities and services at NIOSH.

RMC responsibility:

  • To coordinate research projects through effective monitoring approaches
  • To foster various discipline of OSH research in accordance with NIOSH priority
  • To enable and expedite high-impact research through collaboration and partnership
  • To disseminate research outcome to all relevant stakeholders

Our main focus on R&D:

  • Provide solution to current issues of OSH,
  • New technology & product development,
  • Process innovation and improvement,
  • Use of existing NIOSH facilities & scientific instruments; and
  • Any research that have OSH commercial values & significant impact to NIOSH.

Application for R&D fund:

You may submit your application through NIOSH R&D Fund Application Form (download here) as well as your cover letter which addressed to:

Executive Director,
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Lot 1, Jln 15/1, Section 15, 43650 Bdr. Baru Bangi, Selangor
(Attn: Research Management Center)

or email to us at:\

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For your information, every application received will be reviewed and evaluated based on NIOSH's terms and conditions. Please do refer this information for your application guidance and reference.


About Us

Consultation is one of NIOSH core activities in the effort of elevating and improving OSH in the workplace. As the preferred partner in industries, NIOSH continuously emphasizes on the quality of the consultation services provided to meet the clients' requests.

Consultation Management Center (CMC)

Consultation Management Centre (CMC) consolidates and facilitates consultancy services carried out by Consultation, Research and Development Department (CRDD). We are committed to validate client's risk assessment through approved method that produce scientific evidence. CRDD offers a wide range of consultancy services in meeting the requirements of OSH law and legislation aswell as good practice as follows:

Regulatory Compliance
OSH Solution
Laboratory Services
Advisory Services



OSH Regulatory Compliance Services


No Item Code
1 Chemical Health Risk Assessment CHRA
2 Chemical Exposure Monitoring CEM
3 Inspection And Testing Of Local Exhaust Ventilation System LEV
4 Indoor Air Quality IAQ
5 Noise Boundary Monitoring NBM
6 Noise Exposure Monitoring NEM
7 Translation Of SDS SDS
8 Professional Report PR
9 Audiometric Testing And Analysis ATA
10 Lung Function Test & Analysis LFT
11 Medical Surveillance MS
12 Medical Surveillance + chemical MSC
13 Fitness For Work Assessment FFW
14 Impairment Assessment for Compensation Management (SOCSO+Insurance) IAC

OSH Solutions Services


No Item Code
1 OSH Legislation Management OSHLM
2 Environmental Legislation Management ELM
3 Gap Analysis/ Initial Review:- OHSAS 18001/ MS 1722/ OHSAS 18001 & MS 1722/ EMS 14001 GAIR
4 Establishment And Implementation Of OHSAS 18001 EIOSH
5 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 MS
6 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 & OHSAS 18001 MSOH
7 Establishment And Implementation Of EMS 14001                               EMS
8 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 , OHSAS 18001, QMS 9001 & EMS 14001 (Quality, OSH & Environment) OSHQE
9 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 , OHSAS 18001, QMS 9001 (Quality & OSH) OSHQ
10 Establishment And Implementation Of MS 1722 , OHSAS 18001, EMS 14001 (OSH & Environment) OSHE
11 OSH Solution (eg HIRARC, SHC, OSH Awareness Program, ERP, Accident Investigation & Reporting) OSHS
12 Establishment Of Job Hazard/ Safety Analysis (JH/SA) JHA
13 OSH Training Needs (OTN) Solution OSHTNA
14 Facilities/Engineering Integrity Inspection FII
15 Establishment Of HIRARC HIRARC
16 Hazard And Operability Study (HazOp) HAZOP
17 Establishment Of PTW System PTW
18 Conduct Workplace Assessment/ Inspection WPI
19 Conduct Baseline Assessment Study BAS
20 Conduct Post Incident Investigation PII
21 Confined Space Risk Assessment CSRA
22 Behaviour Base Safety Coaching BBSC
23 Heat Stress Assessment HSA
24 Occupational Vibration Assessment OVA
25 Industrial Ergo Risk Assessment ERA
26 Office Ergo Assessment OEA
27 Ergonomic in the office Management Program EMP
28 Fatigue Management Program -State point sesi FMP

OSH Advisory Services


No Item Code
1 OSH Legislation Understanding workshop OSHLAW
2 Defensive Driving/Riding Program For Workers Workshop DDPW/ DRPW
3 Accident Investigation Reporting AIR
4 Developing Emergency Response & Preparedness Competent Person E.G ERP Team ERPP
5 Behaviour Based Safety BBS
6 Working Safely At Height WAH
7 Safe Machinery Operation & Handling SMO
8 Standing at Work STW
9 Ergonomics for Safety Committee ESC
10 Back Protection Program BPP
11 Ergonomics and Manual Handling EMH
12 Ergonomics in the office ETO
13 Total Wellness Health Promotion (Package 1- 3 days) TWHP 1

Niosh Consultancy Inquieries Form

Should you need further details, kindly fill up NIOSH Consultation Inquiry Form.

For more info, kindly email or contact us:

TEL     : 03-87692290 / FAX : 0389269842
HP      : 013-222 8155